Based in Pasadena in the heart of the San Gabriel Valley, TEAPAC is a non-partisan organization born out of the Tea Party movement of 2009. Our mission is to restore California by restoring limited, constitutional government, fiscal responsibility (with a special focus on public employee pension debt and municipal finance) and education reform.

Our non-partisan organization is comprised of business owners, professionals and grassroots citizens who understand that uncontrolled growth in the size and cost of local and state government threatens California’s future, who understand that our current legislative process is broken and who acknowledge that Californians have no choice but to employ the local and statewide initiative process to reduce the size of government and restore fiscal discipline. California’s trajectory is fiscal and economic collapse. If we act now, we can change the political debate and create a genuine consensus for fiscal sanity, smaller government and economic prosperity in our Golden State.

In California, the political establishment in both major parties is heavily invested in the status quo. If the politicians were willing or able to fix our problems, they would have done so. Reforming our legislature is going to take time, patience and tenacity. If this alone is our strategy, it will be too little too late. Our only option for immediate and effective intervention is to use the initiative process to reform and re-engineer California for the 21st century.

We know there is considerable bipartisan support within the electorate for initiatives that address specific California problems. We’re confident that a legislative agenda implemented through the initiative process is California’s only chance for survival. We recently qualified municipal tax repeals in four cities in the San Gabriel Valley, two of which are coming up in 2018. And we are currently supporting pension reform and school choice initiatives for the California 2018 statewide ballot.

TEAPAC Flow Chart


  1. Limited, constitutional government
  2. Fiscal responsibility, especially municipal finance
  3. Education reform

Project 1: California Center for the 21st Century (Cal21)

Agenda: Fix the top issues facing California through the statewide initiative process. Statewide Initiatives for 2018:

  1. Pension Reform
  2. School Choice

Project 2: California Tax Limitation Committee (CTLC)

Agenda: Tax reform and reduction with a focus on debt and income inequality between public employees and taxpayers.

Local Initiatives:

  1. Arcadia (April 2016)
  2. Glendale (June 2016)
  3. Sierra Madre (April 2018)
  4. South Pasadena (November 2018)


Michael T. Alexander, J.D. is president of TEAPAC. He is a native Californian who grew up in Huntington Park. He is a veteran of the United States Marine Corps and a graduate of U.S.C. Law School. Mike has a broad background in law, business and finance. Together with his wife, Patricia, he is a founder and managing principal of Private Trust Management Group based in Pasadena. The firm provides private trust services and investment counsel to trusts, individuals, families and retirement plans. He is involved in a number of community organizations, and together with his wife Patricia, helped to found St. Monica Academy in Montrose, California. He and Patricia live in Pasadena where they raised their four sons.




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